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  • Timo Tolkki - Acoustic Livestream Show

Timo Tolkki, ex-leader and guitar pllayer of the “Classic Era” of Stratovarius will play live in streaming.

Timo will offer a show full of passion and virtuosic talent only using his voice and guitar, playing songs of the classic rock as The Beatles, U2, and of course, Stratovarius covers.

Tolkki words: “With my good friend, Marcelo Gantus from Santiago of Chile, we have to honor of present you all a great show with my voice and guitar. I will be playing a lot of Stratovarius, The Beatles and U2 songs, with many more as surprise.
Some of the people will be able to suggests songs for the setlist of the show by their type of ticker and our social networks.

We will also donate the 7% of the entire sell of tickets to the “Escuela de Música y Educación Timo Tolkki” school. The objective of this school is to help people around all Latin America. With your help we will be helping persons with a poor financial situation. The central faculty will be in Monterrey, México. Also, I will be giving talks and conferences around all Latin America as soon as possible! ¡Peace, Love! ¡See you soon my friends! With love, Timo”

Timo hasn’t sing officially since Dreamspace album of Stratovarius, this will be a great opportunity to hear old songs as Twilight Time, The Hands of Time and Hold on to Your Dream in acoustic version with their original voice.


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